Turtle Snorkeling Package

Snorkeling + Clear Seethrough Kayak + Stand Up Paddle
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Snorkeling + Clear Seethrough Kayak + Stand Up Paddle

Enjoy 3 different activities in this exclusive package! We provide you with 3 totally different ocean experiences - snorkeling, clear see-through kayak, and stand up paddling. Enjoy viewing the ocean from the ocean's surface with your snorkeling gear to get a clear view of what's below! Take a ride on our see-through kayak which is a kayak made of special material so that you can see directly through the kayak and what's underwater! Our stand-up paddling is another way to utilize a surf-board with ease!

E Sea Rider Honolulu, HI

60’ cruise ship that has been retrofitted into a one of a kind diving and water adventure sport vessel. Capable of carrying 77 passengers, and can be operated with a minimum 3 man crew. We offer Scuba Diving tours, as well as the BOB Underwater Scooter, which is rapidly becoming popular with the non- diving community. We also offer snorkeling adventures, as well as glass bottom kayak, and stand-up paddle boarding.

On Board the lower cabin

Inside the lower cabin, we have a small galley where we offer coffee, and refreshments to our guests. Additionally, most of our gear is stored in under bench cabinets, as well as wetsuits and regulator storage hung neatly along the aft wall. The Dive briefs are conducted here, as well as fitment for wetsuits.

The Aft Lower deck provides the dive staging area

With enough SCUBA gear and space aboard the E Sea Rider, she can accommodate up to 14 divers at a time. When fully loaded she can carry over 50 cylinders to allow for hours of diving in a single trip.

Aft dive platform, and heading upstairs to the second level.

A dedicated dive platform makes giant- stride entries safe, quick, and easy. Heading upstairs from the diver staging area is an additional 26 passenger seating area, and the Captain's Wheelhouse. Refreshments are also served here, and guests are given Boat briefings, and provided the relevant information for their adventure with us.

Second level

Upstairs, emergency life jackets are stored neatly under the bench seating. The Dive Flag is displayed off the stern of the ship.

Men’s and women’s marine head

Located on the lower level, we have both men’s and women’s marine heads to accommodate our passengers (not pictured: hot water shower)

Safety equipment

Fire extinguishers and life rings located throughout the ship. There is also a DAN emergency O2 Kit, as well as several first aid kits.

Safety equipment

In the unlikely event they are needed, life rafts are located on top of the Captain’s wheel house.


  • Roundtrip transportation (from selected Waikiki hotels)
  • equipment for corresponding activity
  • life vest

Recommended Preparation

  • Swimming wear
  • towel
  • sunscreen
  • change of clothes
  • Antiseasickness pills (if you are prone to getting seasick)


We only permit, with our judgement, those in good overall health in making reservations in our ocean activities.

  • This activity can be cancelled due to weather conditions or other conditions that may factor in the safety of the activity.
  • This activity is restricted to ages 5 and above and also those in good health (you must sign a waiver prior to participating)
  • You must sign a liability waiver prior to participating in the activity
  • Pregnant women and senior citizens are not recommended for this activity (Please check with us prior to making a reservation if you have any type of medical condition)
  • We advise those with a family history with heart-attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes not to participate in this activity.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and date changes are ONLY allowed with at least 48 hours prior from the tour date and time. We unfortunately cannot cancel, refund, or change the dates if the tour starts within 48 hours.