• Paradise Water Sports Underwater Scooter
  • Paradise Water Sports Underwater Scooter
  • Paradise Water Sports Underwater Scooter

Activity Details

Free roundtrip transportation from selected Waikiki based hotels!

Take a stroll in Hawaii's beautiful ocean with the most talked about ocean activity, underwater scootering! With an underwater scooter, you just sit on it and have it take you to where you want it to go at a comfortable and safe speed. The helmet has a large curved goggle-like architecture which enhances your peripheral vision and enables you to see more of Hawaii's beautiful ocean life. You are accompanied with a guide who leads the way so you can enjoy your tour. You can also add jet skiing, parasailing, and other activities to create the ultimate ocean sports experience!

Activity Summary

Location Kewalo Basin (near Ala Moana)
Vendor Waikiki Marine Sports
Schedule Everyday
Duration about 3 hours (varies depending on the package)
Perparation Swimming wear, towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes
What's included Roundtrip transportation, equipment for corresponding ocean activity

Activity Restrictions

  • Participants must be at least 10 years old and at least 4 feet 6 inches tall (on the day of the activity, if the vendor deems that the participant is not capable in participating in the activity, the activity will be cancelled. This cannot be refunded. We recommend that you check with our tour agents if you are concerned with this restriction)
  • Those with prior history of high blood pressure, heart disease, and/or are on medication are not advised to participate in this activity.

Company Policy and Restrictions on all activities

Warning. We only allow those in good overall health in making reservations in our ocean activities.

  • We strongly recommend in not riding any type of aircraft for at least 24 hours after diving.
  • This activity can be cancelled due to weather conditions or other conditions that may factor in the safety of the activity.
  • This activity is restricted to ages 10 and above and also those in good health (you must sign a waiver prior to participating)
  • The diving point location can change without notice due to weather conditions or season.
  • You must sign a liability waiver prior to participating in the activity
  • Pregnant women and senior citizens are not recommended for this activity (Please check with us prior to making a reservation if you have any type of medical condition)
  • Those who are on medication, have prior history with alcoholism, psychological issues (depression, panic attacks, etc), smokers over the age of 45 years old are advised not to participate in this activity.
  • Those who are over-weight, have high blood pressure and blood circulation related problems, medical issues with with your circulatory system, asthma and/or breathing issues, cardiac disorder, nasal related problems (such as sinus infection, rhinitis, allergies, and nasal congestion), spinal problems, or severe problems with their overall health are not advised to participate in this activity.
  • We advise those with a family history with heart-attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes not to participate in this activity.

Underwater photography warning notice

Recently, we have had many tourists use a type of enclosure for cameras and cellphones to take underwater photos. In order for safe underwater photography, we recommend you bring a waterproof protective enclosure that is good for at least 10m in depth (rather than an off the shelf enclosure). We are not responsible for loss, damage, and/or broken items and we strongly advise that you take care of your personal belongings. This information is also on the waiver that requires a signature prior to participating.

  • Pick up times for hotels are different for each hotel.
  • The boat deck is slippery - we recommend that you do not wear slippers as it can be slipperly.
  • Please wear your swimsuit before arrival
  • All tours can change schedule due to weather or other conditions affecting the tour
  • We recommend you bring your own towel and sunscreen
  • You can only participate in the tour after you have signed the waiver
  • The oxygen tank for scuba diving is on average 30-40 minutes per tank. However, this can change depending on your breathing frequency which can alter the total time of available oxygen per tank.


Cancellations and date changes are ONLY allowed with at least 48 hours prior from the tour date and time. We unfortunately cannot cancel, refund, or change the dates if the tour starts within 48 hours.